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Department of Biology, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands, PhD, 2009
Molecular Genetics, Mphil, Leiden University, 2004
Department of Biology, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China, MSc, 2003
Department of Agronomy, Yangzhou University, China, 1996


Career History


Since 2021, Scientific faculty at the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology China Regional Research Centre (ICGEB RRC), Taizhou, China. 2017-2021 as Data Scientist at Pittura Musica, Netherlands. 2015-2016 as Research Fellow, National Institute of Education affiliated with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. 2014-2015 Research Education Assistant, Utrecht Univeristy. 2009-2013 Postdoctoral Fellow at Utrecht University. 2005-20099, PhD candidate at the Molecular Plant Physiology, Utrecht University
Netherlands. 2004, Mphil student in Molecular Genetics, Leiden University.


Scientific Activity

1)Protein Expression Core Facility including Bacteria, Baculovirus/Insect, and Mammalian expression system; 2) Immunological & Molecular Diagnostics Development that are applicable and transferable to biopharmaceutical sectors either on CMC campus or off campus.


Teaching activity

At ICGEB co-Mentoring a graduate student from China Pharmaceutical University (Nanjing) and undergraduate students. At NIE in Singapore, mentoring graduate students and an undergraduate student who afterwards was enrolled in Doctor program in NTU, Department of Biology. Also lectured graduate students and postdoctoral researcher on experimental design and lab techniques. At Nanjing Tech University, Continuing Education School, I lectured English course for students pursuing university degree. 



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